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Aroma Here & There - IFPA Approved CPD Centre

Continuing Professional Development Workshops  

Aromatherapy Student Workshops

Personalised to YOUR needs  

Debbie offers one to one or small group (maximum of  4 participants) CPD to suit your needs.

 Workshops may be held on weekdays or evenings depending on course content and individual requirements.

A limited number of weekend places may also be available.

If there is a particular topic you would like covered please get in touch to discuss. Everyone is welcome!

If you are short of CPD points this could be the easy, most relevant, affordable and convenient way to catch up!

Aromatherapy Students are welcome to join the Club and participate in the Special Club 2 hour sessions

Debbie is a registered IFPA tutor since April 2009 (Principal Tutor since 2011 & External Examiner since 2012).

She has worked with the Edinburgh School of Holistic Aromatherapy between 2006 and 2009, and helped deliver the IFPA accredited Aromatherapy Diploma Course.

She holds the City & Guilds Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners. Debbie has experience of working in a hospital/nursing home and has been working as a therapist since 2005.

" My CPD is different because I provide therapists with workshops that are individually tailored for their needs.

Therapists offer clients a tailored made service - so here is the CPD equivalent from me to you!

I hope to offer you friendly, informative and thought provoking material with the latest research. Plus a fun and relaxed atmosphere."




All participants on the CPD Workshops receive permanent free membership in the Aroma Here & There Aromatherapy Club.

Or you can join the club without attending a workshop to receive all of the benefits. (Just email me for an application form)

Club benefits include:

Continued support (by email and phone) with your studies and any follow on questions after your CPD course for a 12 month period.

Advance notification of specialist days and new courses

Free Skype Club Events 

Buddy line (for general support about any aromatherapy topics/ concerns)

Help with research information for essential oils

Short workshops- Wednesday Evening / Saturday Morning Sessions

Special Offers exclusive to CPD Club Members



The Wednesday Evening / Saturday Morning Sessions

Cost: £20.00 per person each evening, to cover refreshments, relevant handouts and a certificate of attendance. Full details shown after Distance Learning Courses.






Most weekdays

 and some



at dates to suit



Aromatherapy Full Day Workshops

£125 - one to one session

£100 each - 2 therapists 

£85  each - 3 therapists 

£70 per person for groups of 4

Please email me for a booking form if interested.

Start and finish times vary according to each workshop.


A 'typical' day is

Start 9.15 for 9.30 a.m.    

End: 4.00 p.m. 





Please email me if you are interested in any of the workshops shown.

OR -  if there is a topic that isn't listed you would like me to cover.







Full day workshop for 6 IFPA 'A rated' Points.

All workshops include discussions about the detailed notes supplied prior to the workshop. Information includes the subject/concern in detail with suitable essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols for whichever workshop you are attending.

A variety of different essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols from various suppliers will be available to compare and discuss with emphasis on the relevance of each at each workshop.

Two 15 minute breaks and a 45 minute lunch break with all drinks supplied including herbal tea, soft drinks, water. You just need to bring your own packed lunch, a pen and paper.

 Workshops Available:


Aromatherapy Skincare & Facials

The notes cover suitable essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols for different skin types. Plus how to recognise different skin types and understand the ageing process. Plus relevant essential oils, carriers and hydrosols.

This full day workshop includes a practical session - giving and receiving a mini facial. You will be provided with a short facial massage routine (which can be extended) including  diagrams of the pressure points and facial routine .

Couches towels etc will be provided.


Aromatherapy For Muscular Aches & Pains

The notes cover types of pain, causes & symptoms of pain, how to assess pain and the client, ideas for pain prevention, types of massage for pain, latest research studies about aromatherapy & pain. Plus relevant essential oils, carriers and hydrosols.     

You will have the opportunity to make up a pain relieving blend of your choice.

Afternoon Session - Practical

Demonstration of different massage techniques for muscular pain and practice session.


Aromatherapy For The Menopause

Notes cover: information about the menopause and a holistic approach for coping with symptoms plus relevant essential oils, carriers and hydrosols. 

Information on the latest available aromatherapy research, including abstracts, how to deliver a holistic approach which includes diet, music therapy, Bach flower remedies and self care for therapists.


Aromatherapy & Alzheimer's Disease

Notes cover: Information about the disease,  other dementias and ideas for carers, plus relevant essential oils, carriers and hydrosols.

Information available from Alzheimer's Society, plus the latest aromatherapy research and delivering a holistic approach.   

There will also be a short film from the Alzheimer's society followed by discussion.


Aromatherapy for Hypertension

Notes cover: Information about the condition and a holistic approach for stress reduction, plus relevant essential oils, carrier oils & hydrosols.

Information on the latest available aromatherapy research, including abstracts and how to deliver a holistic approach.  therapists.

There will also be an opportunity to use an electronic blood pressure monitor and compare readings before and after hand massage using essential oils in a carrier oil or cream medium.


Hydrolats & Hydrosols

Notes cover: Information on 40 distillates plus information from aromatherapy suppliers and the Aromatherapy Trade Council. Hydrosol safety issues will also be considered.

There will also be a short film on home distillation using a miniature (2 litre) copper still.

It is an opportunity to compare fresh hydrosols with  'older' and 'out of date' ones to recognise the difference. This is particularly important from a safety perspective.   


Practical Blending Day - 4 products to take home

Notes cover: Different styles of blending. Safety. Different carrier mediums. Some essential oil suggestions for pain relief blends and anti-viral blends. Hydrosol suggestions for facial toner sprays and room sprays. Details of how Bach Flower Remedies can be useful in room sprays.

A variety of different essential oils, carrier oils, creams, gels, balms and hydrosols will be available. 

Morning: Making your own pain relief blend to take home as either a massage oil, cream or gel. Plus an anti-viral blend in a rollerball. Ideal for travel and crowded places!

Afternoon: Make up a facial toner spray for personal use and a room spray to take home. Optional extra - adding Bach Flower Remedies to your room spray.


Other available full day workshops - made for your own requirements:

Introduction to Hand Reflexology

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

Self Care for Therapists

Chemistry Revision

Essential Oils in Depth - new / unusual oils or your choice!

Carrier Oils - all IFPA syllabus required oils

Blending - theory and/or practical

How to give an Introductory Talk on Aromatherapy or other therapy for groups etc 

Business & Marketing for Complementary Therapists

Aromatherapy Research can be fun! (Four participants needed)      





Dates to suit YOU!





Most weekdays and some weekends available at dates to suit you.

Half Day Workshops £60 per person  

OR £50 per person (groups of 4)  

  Open to Non IFPA members - check with your professional organisation how many points are offered for a half day course


Please email me for a booking form if interested.



Start 8.45 for 9.00 a.m.

End: 1.00 p.m.



 Start 12.15 for 12.30 pm

End 4.30 pm  


Please email me if you are interested in any of the workshops shown.

OR -  if there is a topic that isn't listed you would like me to cover.





4 hour workshop for 4 IFPA 'A rated' Points.

Aromatherapy for Muscular Aches & Pains (No practical)

Aromatherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (plus make 2 products).

Chemistry Revision

Aromatherapy Facials   (No practical)

Aromatherapy Safety Issues

Aromatherapy Blends for Winter

4 Essential Oils in Depth (Choice to suit you with supplier comparisons)

6 Carrier Oils in Depth (Choice to suit you with supplier comparisons)

6 Hydrosols in Depth (Choice to suit you with supplier comparisons)

4 hour workshop for 4 IFPA 'B Rated' Points

Building a CPD Portfolio

Introduction to Hand Reflexology

Self care for Therapists

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies   


Refreshments on arrival and one break of 15 minutes. All drinks supplied including herbal tea, soft drinks, water. You just need to bring a pen and paper. 

More courses will be added as they are developed.

If there is a particular subject you would like please get in touch - email me.


Cancellation Policy / What if I have Paid and can’t come now ?

The cancellation policy has been designed to be as fair as possible to both you and me. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Unless otherwise stated for a special event / workshop (in which case cancellation / refund details will be detailed separately)

If you are unable to attend a workshop for any reason, the following will apply:

Cancellations giving over 14 days notice, and / or received prior to the course notes being sent to you,

will be eligible for a refund OR transfer to another course date at the prevailing fee for that course date - less a £10 cancellation / administration fee

Cancellations with less than 14 days but more than 7 days notice, OR once the course notes have been sent to you,

will not be eligible for any refund, but can be transferred to another course date at the prevailing fee for that course date –

less a £10 cancellation / administration fee

Cancellations giving less than 7 days notice will not be eligible for any refund

What to expect at the workshop


A 'typical' day (9.15 am - 4.00 pm) includes arrival and coffee followed by the notes discussion and opportunity to ask questions.

Then a PowerPoint presentation relevant to the course followed by the first break.

Depending on the workshop there will be demonstrations and/or video presentations and a question and answer session before lunch.

The afternoon may include practical sessions (if relevant to the workshop) and all materials will be provided for massage or making up blends.

There will be a second break, a further session and then a final question and feedback session.

You will receive your attendance certificate on the day.


You will be provided with:

Coursework materials relevant to workshop

Tea (including herbal)/Coffee/Cold drinks on arrival and breaks

A certificate of attendance

Each course gains 6 (A rated) CPD points for IFPA members


You will need:

Pen and paper/notebook

Packed lunch

Distance Learning CPD  £70 per course

Is available at a cost of £70 per course. The notes and PowerPoint presentations (if applicable) will be emailed on receipt of payment together

with a suggested further reading list.

Research and reading should form the majority of the workload.

Short answer essays and a case study will test learning and form the exam.

The estimated time required for each course is a minimum of 7 hours.

Upon satisfactory completion you will receive a certificate which states you have undertaken a distance learning CPD course and have completed

a case study/exam as part of your assessment.

CPD is also available to non IFPA members. Check with your Professional Association to find out how many points are awarded for day courses.



Special Club Sessions - Wednesday or Saturday - £20 per person

To take advantage of the workshops below you can become a member! It's Free to Join!

A different approach to get relevant, convenient and cost effective CPD - when it suits YOU!

A variety of aromatherapy topics will be covered over a series of weeks in short workshops of 2 hours duration.

This currently qualifies you for 2 'A rated' IFPA CPD points for each session you attend.

If there is pre-reading notes prior to the workshop this would qualify as 3 'A rated' IFPA CPD Points.

The cost is £20.00 per person each session, to cover refreshments, relevant handouts and a certificate of attendance.


If you are not a member of the CPD Club, why not join? It's free and you can take advantage of some great offers!

A maximum of FIVE Club Members can participate each evening, so early booking is recommended. Payment is required at time of booking.

All workshops will run on Wednesday evenings from 7pm -9pm (April - September) & Saturday Mornings (October -March).






Previous CPD Club Sessions

Are Now Available!

Notes and Handouts are sent by email for any of the following

(These are not as in depth as full day workshops and are for Club Members Only)

Price £20.00 each. 

(This includes an emailed Distance Learning CPD Certificate if you send a reflective practice essay for 3 'A' Rated CPD Points)

Aroma Meditations  

Aromatherapy Facial Skincare  

Aromatherapy for Emotions

Aromatherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder


Black Pepper & Ginger  

Black Spruce & Silver Fir

Carrot & Celery

CO2 Extracts

Fragonia & Yuzu

Gold (Shea Butter), Frankincense & Myrrh (Christmas Event 2011)

Gorgeous Geranium

Helichrysum & Roman Chamomile

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender 2

Neroli & Jasmine

Raspberry Seed, Rosehip Seed & Tamanu Carrier Oils


Sandalwood & Rosewood (and sustainable alternatives)  

Vetiver & Palmarosa

Winter Blends (Anti-viral)

12 Days Of Christmas Seasonal Ideas (Christmas Event 2012)


See What Former Diploma Course Students and

 Workshop Participants Have Said:



Thank you so much for the training and your dedication to teaching. I really don't think I have, in all my years in this profession had the opportunity for such in depth work. I think your attention to detail is remarkable.


 Excellent. Very comprehensive. Nothing is rushed and lots of information about personal experience is given. Information was inspiring. I have done courses previously with Debbie and in 19 years of CPD training she is by far the best tutor. Thank you again Debbie.


Debbie ascertained our individual learning styles to ensure her lectures were not only student focused, but incorporated our personal preferences and abilities. This showed us that Debbie was thinking about our comprehension and not worrying only about her delivering a “script”. She was aware that we all learn differently. 


One of the best prepared CPD sessions I've attended. Delivery excellent too: Professional, but friendly. Enjoyed session very much, liked blend of academic/serious with practitioner talk. Feel well informed about EO's and Hydrosols, their uses and associated terminology.


Excellent and informative course. Great visual resources, handouts and discussions. Practical session was laid out well and everything supplied. Great ideas and enjoyed the practical session.


Debbie is very generous with her supplies and wide range of essential oils. An excellent course, thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are an inspiration and full of great ideas. Thank you very much.


Skincare & Facials. Content was excellent and presentation was first class. Easy to follow and taught in a very interesting way. I do feel more confident and look forward to practising what I have been taught. Debbie was a great find and I won't need to look anywhere else for CPD. Great value.


This is the best course in terms of content, notes, discussion and presentation that I have been on so far (8 years). The venue was relaxed & comfortable affording a great learning environment. Comprehensive & easy to read notes prior to course. Tuition geared towards level & experience of group. Course flowed really well, good content. Great tutor - very knowledgeable. The workshop was over & above my expectations.


Debbie is a great organiser and is the most thorough person I have met. It is always extremely helpful that she sends all course participants typed notes of the day of everything we have covered plus extra research and helpful links. 


Fantastic! The day was interactive and allowed for our comments and experiences which was extremely useful. Debbie was extremely knowledgeable and gave us good advice to take away. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions and learned a lot.


This course has given me a lot of confidence to take into my work. This has been the best course I have been on. The atmosphere was relaxed and that was very helpful in learning. I loved the whole day. Thank you for a great course and a fantastic day.


It is the best CPD course which I have attended and I will certainly use Aroma Here & There from now on. I feel much better prepared to treat clients with Alzheimer's/dementia than previously. Course was presented in a very relaxed but informative manner. Content was excellent and a lot was covered in the time. I particularly liked the informal setting, it made absorbing the information easier.


Skincare & Facials. I have a new routine which I am looking forward to practising. The discussions on oils was great and Debbie is very informative about the oils. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend Debbie's courses to others and look forward to coming back again. Thank you!


Excellent pre-course notes. Excellent presentation, well divided into sections - lecture- DVD- Practical etc. Tuition well delivered and very high standard. Debbie had planned well, knew her subject and taught it very comprehensively. I would be more confident in taking clients with Alzheimer's and feel I would be able to help them feel better. Great selection of essential oils, carriers and hydrolats with their properties and uses, and several supplier comparisons, which was very useful indeed.


Notes & PowerPoint very concise and informative - very good to follow and in depth. Debbie's tuition excellent. Practical sessions enhanced theory, easy to follow and clear. Much more confident to carry out facial cleansing, toning and massage. 


Excellent - really good research articles and references. Great style of delivery - confident / at ease/ extensive knowledge. Wonderful experience sampling different supplier oils, really useful and thought provoking. Definitely feel more confident in using these oils (Roman Chamomile & Helichrysum) and using them in synergy. Love the examples of blends Debbie has used and the feedback she is able to give. Great to interact with other aromatherapists and share their experiences.


Content excellent and well presented, massage demonstration and teaching excellent. Debbie very approachable and made content easy to understand and enjoyable. Inspired to find out more. Would be interested in coming back for further courses.


Debbie is aware that students are more likely to learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and she ensures this is the case. You never feel silly for asking a question or even just asking for clarification of a point. She also asks throughout the session if we understand and if she needs to reiterate any point.


Great content and presentation. Huge amount of information and notes. Felt comfortable to ask questions and add to discussion. Much more confident about trying new blends. Thank you to Debbie for all her input - a huge amount of work and for making us all feel so relaxed and comfortable.


Excellent notes, hand-outs and PowerPoint slides supplied. In depth discussion of properties of all ingredients. Very well supervised with clear directions and all ingredients supplied. Very generous with samples.


Very comprehensive notes, in depth teaching, stimulating discussions and excellent PowerPoint. Enjoyed blind testing session - very interesting. Very generous samples, thank you. Timing of CPD was excellent particularly for use of Black Spruce & Silver Fir which are so useful for this time of year.


Detailed Recommendations

from my LinkedIn profile:

“Debbie was my tutor during my Aromatherapy training at ESHA. I would have no hesitation in recommending Debbie as a tutor. Her talents not only lie in her comprehensive knowledge base and ability to teach in an informative and interesting way, but in her ability to naturally support and nurture her students. Debbie is an excellent communicator, is friendly and approachable. Debbie assisted me through my training with such a supportive manner and I am grateful for all the positive input and inspiration she provided.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. (February 2012 - Wendy Rundle MIFPA, Aroma Aura, Pittenweem)


"I would like to recommend Debbie's CPD aromatherapy sessions to all aromatherapists. Debbie is an extremely knowledgeable and professional tutor who delivers interesting and well researched sessions which are also great fun. She puts 110% effort into preparing in advance and follow up after sessions. The environment is wonderful, easy to find and park and her hospitality is super. She is a warm friendly caring tutor who will always make you feel valued. The courses are superb value and I enjoy them immensely. Please come along and bring your colleagues. (October 2011 - Wendy Seaton (Pilkington)


“I studied at Napier University with Debbie and we graduated BSc in Complementary Therapies (Aromatherapy) together. As a fellow Aromatherapy Practitioner I am delighted to recommend Debbie as a caring, experienced therapist. I have also recently attended some of her CPD classes and heartily recommend them to all therapists. The classes are well researched, clearly presented and great value for money. Debbie is a wonderful teacher who makes learning a joy. If you are a therapist seeking CPD in Scotland look no further!” (June 2011 - Iris Mathers BSc MIFPA, Aroma Angels, Corstorphine)


“Debbie was one of my tutors. Debbie is an excellent communicator and has an extensive and in depth knowledge of her subject. Debbie was happy to share her wide experience as a therapist with her students and always willing to give that bit extra to ensure a full and comprehensive understanding was gained by everyone. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an education provider. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative". (June 2011 - Amanda Deards MIFPA - Perth Massage & Aromatherapy)


Good local CPD courses in Scotland are scarce. Debbie offers small informal group CPD courses.....and the subject is always thoroughly researched and informative and taught in an understandable way. Discussion usually ensues and Debbie will happily do further research, if needed, and feed back to the group. We really do learn from others. So join us and help put Scotland on the map. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value".  (October 2011 - Jane Bruce MIFPA)


“I would like to recommend Debbie as an excellent aromatherapy tutor after attending a recent Alzheimers workshop run by her. I was impressed by the amount of work that had gone into the course and the way that Debbie encouraged everyone to participate in the day to get the most out of it. I have subsequently asked Debbie to take part in planning further courses for our regional IFPA group as she is a recognised IFPA tutor and will be a great asset in helping to provide quality CPD to our group.Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.  (April 2012 - Carolyn Hood MIFPA)


“I recently attended an Aromatherapy workshop run by Debbie, which was fantastic. The information given was extremely well presented and thorough, and Debbie herself was great. She has a vast knowledge and interest which comes across with enthusiasm and expertise.” (April 2012 - Lynne McDonald MIFPA)


Last night Debbie Brettell came to talk to our IFPA regional group 'Fair Kingdom Therapists' covering Perth, Fife and Aberdeenshire about CPD. It was a really worthwhile evening. Excellent factual content peppered with some great anecdotes that informed and entertained. Can't recommend Debbie highly enough as a speaker. (Amanda Deards MIFPA - Perth Massage & Aromatherapy)


I thoroughly enjoyed participating on a course with Debbie. Her course was very informative and very professional. Lovely person. (July 2013 Fiona Watt MIFPA)


 Comments from 2018 Workshops


 2 February 2018 – Aromatherapy for Viruses

Comprehensive course content, well researched and really good PowerPoint. Great to have handouts. Pre-course reading helped prepare for the course. Very easy to follow and comprehensive. Practical sessions very clear, informative and good all round discussions. Gained knowledge and confidence which will support my ability to practice.

Very thoroughly researched information and PowerPoint presentation excellent. Debbie is very good at explaining the content and provides excellent handouts which are clear and informative. It was good to learn about components of the essential oils and new oils. Loved making up the blends for Aroma Stick and Rollerball.

Very detailed and thorough course, notes and clear, concise presentation. Enjoyed the practical session, gives me more confidence. It is good to ‘do’ rather than just passively listen & read. We were all able to provide our personal input relevant to the topic. Good discussion.

Excellent, very comprehensive. Good mixture of practical and theory. Good to refresh knowledge and meet new oils. Very enjoyable.


2 March 2018 – Aromatherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Excellent educational value presented in an enjoyable manner. Great fun and good to share ideas with others. Easy to follow and taught comprehensively. Didn’t know enough about hydrosols particularly and now I do! Will come again with pleasure!

Course content very good and covered essential oils, hydrosols etc. very well for use for S.A.D. Excellent practical sessions and interesting. Feel more confident and knowledgeable. Have had a very good, interesting and informative session.

Excellent, very easy to follow. Practical sessions great, much better having practical as that is really what it is all about, in any case rather than just theory. Feel more confident. Time flew by! A good sign. Very comprehensive both in theory notes and the practical sessions.


Comments from 2016 Workshops


West Lothian

 14th May 2016 – Geranium Essential Oils and Hydrosol

Excellent pre course reading, with informative links and references with links is a great idea. Slides and notes easy to follow & encourage discussion. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Fantastic course, great opportunity to discover oils, in depth, with huge variety. Friendly atmosphere very conducive to learning.

Course was excellent with comprehensive pre course notes and links. The practical session was excellent with 12 different essential oils of Geranium from different suppliers, each one fresh and then dry out of 2 hours and 6 hours. I definitely have a wider knowledge of the varieties, sources, both country of origin, supplier and the constituents.

Debbie is a wonderful teacher. She makes us feel welcome and at ease and puts so much information and effort into each course.

Excellent, pre course notes were emailed in plenty of time so could be read without stressing about them. Very interesting and well presented. Really enjoyed testing the different geraniums. The chemistry was well explained and it has helped my confidence as a therapist. Really did enjoy the workshop.


29 October 2016 – Lavender & Geranium Essential Oils & Hydrosols

Debbie thoroughly covers all ground.   A lot of preparation goes into her workshops and she shares her knowledge so willingly and happily.   The atmosphere is always friendly and makes everyone attending at ease – and encourages the attendees to share their experiences; so although professional it is also informal – a good combination for me and many others to learn. Debbie puts a lot of work in to the workshops and on the day makes everything just perfect. She is passionate about essential oils and this comes across.

It is astounding the amount of research Debbie puts into each course. Her courses are full of information and are also full of interesting facts. Very welcoming atmosphere.

Comprehensive content. Excellent presentation throughout. In depth tuition and all aspects covered. Plentiful selection of essential oils to test. I feel more informed and confident. As always a very enjoyable study day. Good interaction and discussion.

Excellent. There is also pre-workshop reading which gives a lot of information before the day with links.  Debbie is super organised, so for me and I am sure everyone else, the workshop content is full and informative and yet friendly.   On the day, we receive handouts of the power point presentation, which is extremely helpful as it saves taking notes and one can concentrate on the content and what Debbie is saying.

Debbie is always very attentive and makes sure everyone’s needs are met.

Excellent as always. Very in depth. Lots of reading and links to explore or continue to read after the event. Fantastic.

Very thorough and well explained and PowerPoint excellent. Practical session was very educational with lovely samples to take home and get to actually experience therapeutic benefits.

Debbie is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. I enjoy her courses immensely. Thank you very much.

Great that we could smell so many types of Lavender and Geraniums and compare them.  We were given sheets that we filled in and took home to remind us of the experience – ones we would buy/wouldn’t buy and why (of course reminding us that every season differs).    We were also given a handout with all the chemical constituents which is helpful for cross-referencing if we were looking for an oil for a certain condition.


19 November 2016 – Carrot, Celery, Benchmark Thyme & Lavender Essential Oils. Olfaction Experiment – ‘Essential Oils & Chocolate Tasting’.

Excellent, informative, well presented and interesting. My knowledge has improved and I fell happier with the different oils. Debbie produced an excellent course as always.

Excellent as usual. So well presented and researched. Brilliant day.

Fabulous content. So much information packed into time available. Notes in pre-course reading in depth and lots of useful links to research. Tuition was excellent. Practical session was awesome linking food & flavours to essential oils. So many useful tips and ways to use varieties of oils. Thank you a pleasure and privilege as always.

Very very interesting information on these unusual oils. Well presented, comprehensive notes, excellent PowerPoint presentation. An outstanding course. I always learn so much at Debbie’s workshops and will definitely be using these oils in future.

In depth and very interesting. Debbie works hard at putting on courses and was her usual thorough self. Chocolate tasting was informative and an unusual way to look at essential oils.

As usual Debbie has done an amazing job of providing in depth research. Very enjoyable. I have a much broader knowledge of all the different lavenders and the different types of each. Very relaxed environment in which to experience and learn about the oils.


20th November 2016 - Carrot, Celery & Benchmark Thyme Essential Oils. Olfaction Experiment – ‘Essential Oils & Chocolate Tasting’.

Excellent. Very comprehensive. Nothing is rushed and lots of information about personal experience is given. Information was inspiring. I have done courses previously with Debbie and in 19 years of CPD training she is by far the best tutor. Thank you again Debbie.

This was a wonderful course. As always Debbie went above and beyond in the work for pre course and on the course. Great relaxed atmosphere and a small group so lots of time to share. So much food for thought, links to research and discussion of practical applications. The day encouraged lots of discussion and sharing of information, blends and practice. Getting the opportunity to try different oils from different suppliers is invaluable.

Excellent course, very well presented and appropriate level. Very clear and enjoyable. Better understanding of unknown oils. Will have the confidence and knowledge to now use. Excellent surroundings, relaxed teaching and interaction encouraged. Allows time for networking.

Fantastic content. Very well presented. Debbie has an easy style, clear to follow with interesting comments throughout. Will now look to using carrot & celery oils in practice. Interesting to learn about the less used oils. Benchmark thyme looks like a useful oil. Debbie goes above and beyond on her courses with very comprehensive notes pre workshop followed by well researched handouts. Chocolate tasting session was excellent.



8 September 2016 – Geranium Essential Oils & Hydrosol

Very well presented. Very well explained and interesting. Good handouts and PowerPoint

Debbie offers and teaches a very comprehensive, interesting and informing session. You feel relaxed and comfortable to ask any questions. Really enjoyed.

Very easy to follow and good amount of information.

Smelling session of the various wet and dry geraniums excellent and quite surprising to notice the variations

Really great to have CPD course local. Really informative and friendly tutor. Loved all of it.

Thank you for a lovely morning I really enjoyed it. Will be happy to come to more courses, it was such a pleasure not to have to drive for hours and stay away overnight.  I just wished you were here years ago. Happy to come and share your knowledge.


 Comments From The Aromatherapy Day

of Two Halves Workshop

 - Gillis Centre (11 October 2014):

The content of notes & lectures were excellent & thorough. So great to have someone of Debbie's calibre teaching in Scotland.


Brilliant, informative, exciting. I would love to be in continuous teaching in this way from this person. Debbie is very calm, open and enthusiastic about finding out everything & anything that is aromatherapy related - she's brilliant. I feel excited about all the information & ideas available. I feel more confident in finding out more about chemistry of oils and more... This was my first workshop with Debbie, and |I have felt brilliant all day about how Debbie delivers the information - I'm very appreciate and delighted that I got a place to come to the workshop. Debbie is amazing - the information she gathers, the amount of time and effort she puts in to make the workshop informative - her attitude to questions (comment is so open, and it helps remind me that we are all learning and aromatherapy is a continuous learning therapy.


Informative notes & presentation. Appreciated the chance to smell the oils & find out suppliers. Good handout notes to accompany the session. More confident trying new essential oils covered & hydrosols plus trying new blend and applications.


Very useful notes sent prior to workshop. Fungal infections of particular note/commonality were discussed and experiences shared. Always useful to open up discussion amongst participants. Very good PowerPoint slides and essential oils being circulated always informative. I will certainly expand my repertoire of oil use. Very good study day. Thanks to Debbie for all the hard work.


Very comprehensive. Enjoyed pre-course reading and increased knowledge.  Debbie is a great teacher.


Excellent researched content & clear tuition on the day. Taught well & plenty of scope for questions & hear other therapists experiences. Have more confidence in choosing anti-fungal oils now. It is always useful to smell & trial unusual essential oils that could be considered in your own practice.

Excellent pre-course content sent out. Presentation very good - involving class discussions. Comprehensive course. It has shown me the use of bases I would not usually consider. Very enjoyable day, relaxed yet well taught course with good class interactions / discussions.


Pre course notes were excellent, well researched and documented, thanks. The presentation, as always, is enthusiastic and informed. It was good to smell different versions of the same oil. Good to have some new alternatives for some old problems. Thanks!


Very comprehensive notes and tuition. Debbie always seems to ensure we all have most comprehensive information available to date. Debbie puts a lot into her courses / notes - very clear and easily followed. Events like today make you think about your own practice, and re-evaluate your own skill base thus giving your clients the optimum treatment. It can highlight where you need to improve / or if you are doing well. Debbie is a very good tutor balancing instruction / guidance with fielding comments read back from students.


In depth notes emailed prior to study day. Excellent PowerPoint presentations and notes provided on the day. Samples, literature and discounts from various suppliers. In depth teaching and discussion throughout the day. Opportunities to sample many essential oils and a selection of hydrosols. Have many more strategies for treating fungal infections. I feel much more informed about some of the rarer essential oils and hydrosols and hope to use them in my practice. Pleasant venue, light and airy room. Encouraged to interact and discuss the topics. Debbie put a great deal of research and preparation into an excellent study day.


Very informative, especially new oils, which I would use for myself. Well thought out and notes to accompany course very good. Ability benefitted as can now use with confidence. Good to catch up with other therapists and their views.


Very good! Extremely thorough and well researched and thought out. Good presentation and good idea asking people to read beforehand. Loved the content! This kind of course always refreshes my memory so helps my confidence. My technical ability will hopefully have benefitted as I feel fired up. Debbie is an exceptional teacher and I really appreciate having someone in Edinburgh / Scotland. Thank you.


Pre course notes substantial & informative. Handouts- comprehensive, clear & very useful presentation. Content was wide ranging, appropriate and relevant to our work with clients. Covered chemistry, practical application - recipes/blends and evidence of success with clients. Very comprehensively and confidently taught with opportunity to discuss. Lots of essential oil samples sent round on aroma strips, open discussion and information shared amongst attendees and tutor. I would be more confident to do a treatment plan for clients presenting with fungal infections now I have some references and notes in essential oil blends to use. Debbie is very professional in her approach and presentation. She is thoroughly prepared and has done a huge amount of research which she willingly shares. She is very calm, confident and responds very positively to questions and discussion.


Excellent. As always, well researched and very in depth information. Informal, friendly atmosphere and encouragement to participate. Have learned a lot and will look forward to using new oils.


Full guidance on which essential oils to use in blends for various conditions. Congratulations on a very calm, confident presentation and excellent pre-course reading, handouts, goody bags and generosity with spraying hydrosols.


The pre-workshop reading was very useful to have background information and to formulate questions.


 Fragrant Grapevine IFPA Group Aromatherapy

 Bach Flower & Aromatherapy/Viruses (15 Mar 2014):


Fantastic - very thorough and learned a lot. Great course. Thank you Debbie.


Excellent, thorough, interesting and useful. Very clear and easy to follow. Just the right topics for me - especially the Bach Flower Remedies. 


Both the pre-reading notes and handouts were detailed, informative and helpful. Very easy to follow and tutor helpful. It will be useful for the emotional aspect of the work I do. Great venue.


Very comprehensive and clearly explained. Excellent detailed handouts. Well organised and presented. Very enjoyable, useful insight into Bach Flower Remedies and their effects on mind and emotions.


Excellent. This was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with aromatherapy and reboot my knowledge and confidence in my knowledge.


Very enjoyable and informative, excellent.


Excellent content and well presented notes. Course was informative and interesting with appropriate questions and answers.


Clear instructions with all the students integrating in to practical sessions. Enjoyed learning about new oils and practical blending sessions. Excellent course. Great venue.


Very well presented. Pre workshop content excellent. Tuition excellent. Each participant included throughout. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Introduced to oils that were new to me. Improved knowledge in blending percentages.


Excellent workshop, flowed well. Good team work; feedback - this was encouraged. Great venue.


Excellent presentation. Informative handouts - clear, helpful and comprehensive. Very enjoyable day.


Excellent pre-course notes. Excellent handouts on the day. Excellent presentation and delivery. Debbie provides very high quality CPD courses with excellent accompanying notes. Well - paced and ample opportunity for Q& A.


Comments - Fair Kingdom IFPA Group's

Aromatherapy & Muscular Pain

 Workshop Perth (1 March 2014): 


Superb. I feel that I have broad and comprehensive details of this area now. Many thanks Debbie. This has been brilliant.


Excellent notes before and during session. Comprehensive content. Once again a very useful and informative workshop, thanks Debbie.


Excellent, well researched and referenced with up to date and relevant sources.


Well presented, moved fluidly and animatedly through the material.


Smelling a selection of oils was very helpful.


Definitely widened the range of oils I would consider using in pain blends.


An excellent workshop. Thank you Debbie. Your personal anecdotes are invaluable combined with all the research and source material.



Comments From Fragrant Grapevine

IFPA Regional Group's Hydrosols & Facials

 Workshop (16 Feb 2013):


Very informative and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the day and found it very relaxing.


Excellent. Very comprehensive. Huge amount of info and prior reading. Debbie is an excellent teacher, her work is so well researched. 


Practical session was fabulous - loved it!


Excellent in depth workshop with clear instructions, diagrams and reference material


Great content with huge amounts of information. Debbie has a relaxed style of presentation encouraging input from those taking part.


Learned more about the hydrosols and got to smell different companies makes. Facial easy to follow. More confident in using hydrosols. Enjoyed day.


Excellent detail pre course notes. Splendid notes and delivery of presentation on the day. Easy to 'share' or ask questions as we went along. Good practical session - skin analysis with a partner, facial oil blending then massage.


More confident to try hydrosols and a new facial routine to follow. Good practice in blending facial oil using comprehensive notes about carriers and essential oils.


Excellent. Plenty of information on the day and references to follow up later if needed. Good selection of hydrosols to examine.


Well taught and clearly presented. Practical face massage was demonstrated well. Enjoyable day, relaxing and informative.


Excellent. Very thorough pre course reading and course notes. Enjoyed making facial oil. Have more confidence re hydrosols and suppliers. A big thank you Debbie for a lovely day and sharing your knowledge and expertise.


Excellent. Thank you for a very enjoyable informative day.


Excellent, really enjoyed and will incorporate more of these strokes in my facial massage, thank you. Felt quite relaxed and not too overpowered with information, thank you.


Other Comments I Have Received:


I love the way I feel enthused after Debbie's sessions. I learned a lot and I will be using these oils (Vetiver & Palmarosa) more in my practice. Interesting research which will greatly increase my knowledge base.


Debbie goes above and beyond expectations and makes you extremely welcome. Lovely samples to take away. 


This has been far more detailed and content of a much higher standard than I expected. Thank you it was excellent in all aspects of content and presentation. It was wonderful in every way and you are to be commended on the high standard. Detailed preparation and presentation. Well done Debbie - I will be back!


Excellent! Great day. Going away with new information that I wasn't expecting. Looking forward to working with facial products with a new vigour! Debbie very organised & thought of everything to make participants very welcome. Thank you.


Enjoyed the course and the practical side, making own products for personal use. Excellent notes. Very well presented and easy to follow with clear demonstrations. Re-evaluated my technique to be more beneficial to my clients.


Excellent content and very interesting oils (Vetiver & Palmarosa). Easy to follow and practical session was enjoyable. Reawakened an interest in oils I haven't used for a long time. Enjoy amount of pre course reading and links to articles.


Excellent content covering all aspects of the menopause and aromatherapy.


Excellent notes. Clear and easy to follow. Have more confidence and feel able to put it into use.


Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Oils (Vetiver & Palmarosa) were covered comprehensively in notes and discussion. Blending work was fun and enjoyable.


Feeling very enthusiastic and confident about incorporating Rose essential oil & hydrolat into my practice.


I really liked the section on how you use the oils, this kind of anecdotal teaching is invaluable for our future practice


Debbie is welcoming, warm and knowledgeable. Lots of excellent info. Super hospitality, thank you.


Debbie is very personable and so well organised. Research is impressive.


Excellent, well presented in a relaxed manner, happy to answer questions and willing to find out more. Willing to adapt and spend more time on areas.


Wonderful evening - thoroughly enjoyed it as always.



Comments From The Joe Nasr

Aromatic Waters Seminar

Gillis  Centre (14 September 2013):


Really nice to have an aromatherapy course in Scotland, let alone Edinburgh. Thank you to both Joe and Debbie. Would be great to have more! Thank you for the lovely goody bags.


Debbie has worked very hard to facilitate this study day. This is really very much appreciated being given the opportunity to be taught by such an eminent herbalist. Thank you. Very well chosen venue.


Can't wait for the next course! Lovely goodie bag - thank you.


A very good day - thank you for the goody bag, which was a surprise.


Very privileged to have had this opportunity today.


The setting was really lovely. Debbie - you did us proud thank you. It is time that CPD found us in Scotland - so let’s have more.


Would like to say that Debbie has done a marvellous job organising and holding this seminar: thank you.


Venue is lovely - perfect.


Setting is perfect for the essence of what we are about!